Finished the case!

FInished just in time for Dia De Los Muertos! This was my only individual project for The Mechanisms in Urban Engagement class at CCA. It’s called Griefcase, and it’s a way for making art related to grief, and sharing it through a shared folder which acts as a mechanism connecting the individual artist to other expressions made using the case.

The project spanned five weeks and involved rigorous investigation, user testing, and expansive interviews. I learned so much connecting with grief groups in the East Bay, conversations with Art Therapists and Psychologists, and participants in the field.

I was deeply moved by the sharing of experiences from close friends who chose to be the first users of the case. I have concluded initial research and it will be ready for use next week. If you want to use the case feel free to contact me.

I’m looking for a first round set of twenty individuals to start the case art archive. After these initial creative works, the case will operate in it’s intended use, whereby making a work and adding to the case, the participant will take an artwork to keep as their own, making the case self-regulating and a living expression of shared experiences.

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